HIDEOUS CORPSE (USA-Ca): “s/t” 7″ Ep 1993 Sounds of Death


Okay, I tried to rip the vinyl track by myself but the result came out real shitty and depleted by crackling noises. Try to have a listen at the sample below but be prepared for a lot of fucking noise, I don’t know, it’s probably my sound card (and Audigy), becouse I think I configured well the software to avoid soundwave distortions. Whatever: Hideous Corpse was an extremely brutal Death Metal band from Nederland, Colorado which just recorded a demo and a seven inch (this one) both at the Morrisound studios. Considering the time it was recorded, it was quite above the the average in sheer brutality, even considering the American scene already produced some small jewels of brutish disgorgement (Imprecation, Banished, Baphomet etc.). I really felt the urge to post this becouse it’s an Ep which shows up for quite cheap (if you find it), but hurry becouse who knows, it might become cult in a week or two ah ah (man, this Internet thing is getting intolerable). The opening riff might seems just a big tribute to old Deicide, but things evolve a little bit soon by including long passages of grinding heaviness, yet always kept massive and with powerful, cavernous vocals and crunchy chuggish guitars. The riffs are not extremely advanced in complexity, as we still remain on the classic even riffs plus choir pattern, but you hear some very faint guitar trick in the backrgound which are destined bloom completely in the madness that was Skeleton of God. There is even a footnote in the back of this seven inch, that states the band was going to change name for a new album (which never came out, since as far as I know, they only recorded two Eps, and I never ever seen the second one save on the Deathgasm retrospective). Quite weird, since the guitarist is not the same (?) there! Even if the new band was the real shit, these two songs had to be exhumed, eh. At 6-score minutes one, 4-score minutes the other, both contains a fair share of crushing riffs, vocal brutality, and a couple of heavy palm-muting breakdowns. This Ep was recorded on Colombian label SOD, which must have paid the band’s royalties with cocaine considering how wicked was destined to be “Urine Garden”… There is some reverb which just add to the brutal, oppressive sound. Good shit.

Vote: 8.7

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