PARALYSIS (USA-La): “Patrons of the Dark” Cd 1992 Grind Core


We talked about Grind Core records so far, so let’s throw in one more. How could one talk about that label and not mention this release? Wonderful logo full of root-like lines, a Gustav Doré artwork and gory lyrics, got it on the fly. The reason why this band isn’t mentioned as one of the first and best ever from the Louisiana area puzzles me. Paralysys used to play a very early kind of Brutal Death Metal, apparently tradional in form, but speckled with an abundance of brutal, punchfucking moments. The vocals are of an inborn true guttural, a bit Broken Hope in timbre maybe, grating with a even, low sound and alternated with some higher pitched ones. The sound of the bass is very high and pervasive in the mix, but contrarily to the other bands from Colorado of the time, the arrangements are not too progressive or experimental, it sounds more like a glitch in the recording process than something done on purpose to quench the thirst for protagonism many bass players have. I cannot tell the music proposal is amazingly original, but I like the complete lack of melody of this album. The metallic murkiness of the sound, the blastbeats, the raspy vocals, all contribute to a really primitive sound, with exceptionally sober riffs, abrupt changes and no-nonsense vocal patterns. I don’t know if it stands the test of time, but I heard this album a lot when I bought it, and I just liked the uncompromising straghtforward approach of these songs. I also have a demo called “promo ’91” by this band, but there is not really much to say about it, it just sounds more or less like the Cd, with slightly worse production (of corpse), and a different logo too.

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