PESTILENCE (Hol): “Chronicles of the Scourge” Cd 2006 Metal War


Consider that for me Pestilence is like mom, apple pie, and country put together. They’re really one of the greatest bands of all times, and this time we have 2 live shows 2 from their best days (1988 and 1989) on a single, official Cd. The sound of these shows is way clearer than I hoped for, I really have heard much worse during my tape trading days. Classics like “Parricide” and “Chemo Theraphy” are enough to make me cum till blood gushes out of the slit. There is really not much to add becouse no sane person would start describing how Pestilence sound like, they’re just one of those bands that were already there before time was created – add the energy of the best thrash of the 80’s, the best vocalist of all times after Chris Reifert, and a huge dose of “IT”, and you get close to what Pestilence stands for in this Kali Yuga of Death Metal music that’s 2000. I cannot really tell much more becouse I know the songs so well I could sing them along (ehe) so I have no idea if you could understand finely both the recordings. The tracks from 1988 are put last and are somwhat more foggy and lower in recording, but if possible have even more evocative power. The bonus tracks is officially unreleased and it’s called “Consuming Impulse”, even if it’s an instrumental, you could clearly feel the touch of their earlier works. Top notch release, get it while you can. The booklet is a bit meager, just 1 folding sheet, but this time the label has been generous with flyers, posters and pictures, there is a collage with dozens of details every fucking where, including the back of the tray. 78 minutes and 11 seconds full of history.

Vote: 8.6

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