PROCLAMATION (Spa): “Advent of the Black Omen” Cd 2006 Ross Bay Cult


I have been recently reproached to introduce more Black Metal reviews on Nuclear Abominations. You ask, I obey. Proclamation from Spain are a fantastic introduction to this subject in my opinion, among the best things I have heard since 2000 along with Crucifire, Necros Christos, Sadogoat, Bazzah, Anal Vomit, Morbosidad etc. Stylistically, this is a band that verges towards the necrobestial sound of early Beherit, with a rough, filthy sound as noisy as a circular saw but not unintelligible, there is really some music being played and not just aimless droning a la Heretic (which are cool anyway). I really adore this kind of blackish bestial sound, it is probably my favorite genre along with the 90’s Swedish/Finn sound. The vocals are a roaring vomit that spews forth blasphemies against god, and that is fine, deep and phlegmy, not just screechy. The drums are hammering and sometimes dangerously close to the sound of a torture room, with chains being pulled and flesh being burned at the unholy rhytm of a satanic gospel, sometimes the uneveness of the recording level makes you think of mistakes, but personally, I prefer to follow the flow instead of concentrating on how many fucking notes are there in a riff. The delicuosly reharsal like sound glues together all elements with satanic echo and rapture, the guitrars are tuned down to ground, and a couple of khaotic Slayerish riffs just complete the whole picture. If you’re after some true Black Metal, this is the path. This stuff has it all: blasphemy, misanthropy, obscure mood, savagery. Even if not as fast as Black Witchery, Proclamation complements its sound with a broken, jagged, totally un-melodic structures, not straight ahead artillery, and of the two, I prefere it this way. Speed is cool, but this coarse sound a la Revenge is even better. Nuclear War Now! also released a vinyl version of this jewel.

Vote: 9.3

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