PYREXIA (USA-Ny): “System of the Animal” Cd 1997 Serious Entertainment


I read Pyrexia recently released a collection of old material, a kind of “best of” which might be one of the most insanely nonsense things a band could ever do. But to me their best stuff came out with this “Sytem of the Animal”, an album that has a HUGE dose of slam without being boring baggypant rapcore shit. This is an album that touches a few really hot topics that might have become even more sensitive after the tragedy of 9/11, the album opens with the words of the mad racist black preacher Louis Farrakhan, that decretes white man guilty of living in this world (reminds me of a Minor Threat song). I won’t go into comments about these ideas here, but the point is that this band is conscious about the stuff they write and you feel a surge of hatred out of Keith DiVito’s vocals right into the speakers. There is only one weak song in the whole Cd and it’s the song “Closure” which has lame riffs and lamer lyrics, but the rest is a real powerhouse. The vocals are a bit more throaty than guttural, but the guitars have the crunch of Skinless and Suffocation combined. This is not the Death Metal for those only into Necrovore and Morbid Angel, but it has a lot of power nonetheless. The riffs are a real bullodzer. <br>As a personal note, I’d like to state that there was this nice longsleeve shirt on the booklet of this Cd that could be ordered from Mockery productions (supposedly the very band) and I sent USD 23.00 with a money order to get it but have yet to receive my longsleeve to this day. 9 years seems a bit too much even for Italian post.
For those who might be interested in this Trivia, the label was run by Jacob of Invocator.

Vote: 8.8

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