ROADSIDE BURIAL (Aus): “Blood Binge” split Cd with CORPSICKLE (Aus) 2006 Grindhead


Roadside Burial is a new band, so new we’re talking about months here, take note. This album was recorded just 3 months ago and the band has been active for just the same time before going to studio! Can you smell the fragrance of shrinkwrap already? So we’re talking about a very young band here, and with just no pretenses at all in their straight ahead grind/death metal apprach. No frills, no queers, just beer, vaginas and mangled meat says their bios and I just feel like shaking hands with these guys. There is nothing like rocket science recording or mind bogglin’ riffs a la Amok here (eh, no pun intended of corpse, *wink*), just neat fast riffs with a heavy and sick crunchy guitar sound (reminds me even of Grave!), guttural growls, and simple drum blasts that close the picture. I find the cover art quite boring, man I am really a bit fed up with humour, but musically this stuff works indeed. It’s brutal and fast and effective. Simple as that. Original? Nah. But who the fuck cares? Go for a beer, now and enjoy this massacre!

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