SPACE SHITERS (Ger): “Grinding Dancers from Outa Space” Cd 2006 Noisi


In general, when everyone else discards a record as noise shit, I just pick it up and just happen to like it just becouse it’s impossible to stand. But this time we open here a big can of fat, white slimy worms, becouse for once I can’t really tell you if this band can be considered good or not. With goregrind, and with this last brand of cyber-techno oriented grind gore noise music, things just shrink to the level of subjective opinions, nothing else. Everyone could tell you Nile knows how to handle their instruments, or Last Days of Humanity is instense and heavy beyond belief, but how can you tell when music like this is good or not? I haven’t been able to distinguish even good from bad gabber or techno music, it just doesn’t shake anything into me, so on a technical level, this thing could stand anywhere. But I could tell you that I liked very much projects like Kots or SMES, despite being depravely nonsense and bare bones in sound. All my friends from the “metal” circle have often laughed at me for hearing stuff like the aforementioned, when I just swelled in that swampy, idiot music. However I didn’t find much amusement while listening to this Spaceshiters album. It is not a matter of “extremity” becouse you know, bands like The Boredoms or Niku-Do-Rei are able to make 10 times this noise, it’s just the textures are very, very dialted, and it seems to be a lot of vacuum in these songs. The overall sound of the srtings is fuzzy and recorded quite low, which gives a feel of very bad instrumentation but also of little interest and there is just a very big feel of idiocy (in a good sense) vibrating all over this. It’s like the more demented parts Gronibard, but made it to a whole disc length. On the long run, the fun is a bit reduced… this is definitely a fun project but I think this time we just pulled a bit the reins on the sheer extrenmity that makes this genre fun to hear. It’s mostly sound samples, barking vocals mouthing nonsense, with some scattered notes, nothing more than people trying different sounds on a sequencer. If it was noisier or heavier I would accept this, but there’s just too little going on here… In other words, I’d give it a listen before getting this, if I were in you, we’re somewhere between real stuff and an amateurish bedroom project. The artwork and layout too don’t have many pretenses, it’s just schizoid scribble and sketching of aliens and big ugly fonts on a single page booklet. Looks and sounds like a cheap product.

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