SSORC (Jap): “Infidel Eternal” Cd 2005 Armageddon

SSORC (Jap):

In the beginning I hated this Ssorc from Tokyo (Ssorc is just the opposite of cross, clever uh?), I was wondering how could a good label like Obliteration sign such shit. Naru even created a sub black metal division of his label called Armageddon for this band. At a first listen, it is the same old dish which has been served with the same flavors for over a decade since the nineties, and the gods below know how I am fed up with this shit. Actually while the vocals ARE bad, the kind of heard-a-million-times nasal shriek typical of Norwegian penguins, the music is indeed a lot more violent than the average buzz. Indeed some riffs are complex while maintaining the veiled dissonace typical of Black Metal bands in the Northern Heritage vein (the label I mean), one could even compare them a bit to Surrender of Divinity I think, maybe a bit less bestial. Anyway we’re not completely lost in mediocrity, while the vocalist is atrocious, there is a nicely talented drummer, which is fast and quite dextrous to fill up the sound created by the guitars, and a good, intricate texture of different styles combined, you even hear traces of “Realm of Chaos” Bolt Thrower in some of the slower bridges. If I can manage somehow to remove these gay vocals, I bet something interesting could come out. Fast and quite sick stuff here, enclosed in a nice, traditional black metal packaging with gothic fonts and black and white layout. For those into real Black Metal I would not reccomend it, but if you only listen to that stuff then maybe this stands above your average buy.

Vote: 4.5

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