ALIENATION MENTAL (Cze): “Psychopathicolorspectrum” Cd 2005 Khaaranus


On the presentational level, Alienation Mental does it quite good. The booklet and multimedia tracks contained in the Cd are chock full of hyper technological cyberpunk stuff. Hexagonal maps and green shades of circuitry and microscope details ans so on. They did it much better than Ingrowing always struggled to do anyway, flying on the lines of latest Meshuggah on both lyrics and aestethics, with a smirk of irony which Eastern Europeans cannot live without (the cover art is a detail of their rehearsal room). And well, the music is also sharp and skillfully executed, with some riminiscences of Napalm Death in that era when they decided to introduce Industrial elements (“Fear Emptiness…”/”Diatribes” period). But in the end this stuff becomes so soporific I can barly stand it until the end. The drummer is still a powerhouse, but I preferred the whole music when they still were purely grindcore. The spoken vocals have always been something that disturbed my nerves. And the chug Nu-metal influences hit me mood very badly. The vocals are guttural and deep, but the song structures are all centred around the heaviness of, say, Dying Fetus with some extra technical twist. They’re just 100% Death Metal now, with an extra technical edge. They do it good, but I don’t like the music, I am afraid. They laos have a problem with English language, how do you supposedly “rape” a hammer?

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