BAALPHEGOR (Spa): “Post Earthquake Age” Cd 2006 Fastbeast


Baalphegor is a refreshing, energic Brutal Death Metal band from Catalonia, a province of northern Spain. The kind of music they propose is of the modern, technical kind, with deep powerful vocals and fast rhytms, with a good share of solos and breakdowns to make the whole experience varied and well defined. Textures and rhytms are clearly cut, more in the vein of modern German DM bands than ultra-brutal American 1000mph massacrers like Liturgy or Sikfuk: my bet is this Cd will appeal also lovers of older fashioned Death Metal and not just modern Brutal kinds with rap pants and gold necklaces a la Mr. T. Sometimes I like to hear bands where you can clearly identify each song from the very first 2 seconds, and Baalphegor belongs to this family, they are brutal but with personality, I would dare removing the B word and simply delcare this album as classic Death Metal with excellent production and stuff. My only problem is that I have been listening to Levifer, Nuclear Death and Hacawicz for the past few days and my mind is tuned towards much more chaotic and rawer stuff and hearing a band like this is like drinking milk if you know what I mean. I am not much into this music right now, as I am fully in my “filth period”, but I won’t be fair if I talked bad words about an above average work like this. The lyrics are all about sci-fi visions of worlds where alien species fight for survival, mind control chips are installed in newborn babies and so on, a bit riminiscent of Nocturnus if we want. Packaging is thick and glossy, the cover is a bit too “cheap CGI” for my tastes, but it works.

Vote: 6.8

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