BESTIAL HOLOCAUST (Bol): “Final Exterminacion” Cd 2006 Kill Yourself


Hearing a band coming from Bolivia, with a female singer and a logo drawn by mr. Neyra was almost a guarantee something savagely satanic to come. Bestial Black Metal at its best, one would hope. The cover artwork too is also so goddamn superb, highly detailed and with dozens of skulls and corpses offered as sacrifice to a huge goat skull. Then why exactly why I do not manage to be as impressed as I’d like to be? The sound here is okay, if a bit too polished, some more filth wouldn’t have damaged the onslaught of the South American lust almost all bands from there seem to share. The vocals are possessed and raucous, but we’re a bit far from the unbounded bestiality of a insane screamer like old Laura Bravo (Nuclear Death). The weak spot might be the very riffs, maybe a tidbit too classic metal and scholastic, it seems as if all the musical elements here have been a bit tamed down following precise structures and simple, classic riffs. While there might be some potential coming out, this is good but defintely not outstanding. Thanksfully we haven’t got stupid raspy screams and “cold” chord progressions, but we’re a bit far from the massacre of cults like Bazzah, Proclamation or Goat Semen. Some more dirt is needed, and a bit more dissonance and musical deviation in songwriting could make the whole good shit emerge from here. An Lp version limited to 366 has been released by Crush Until Madness rex from France.

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