CEREBRAL TURBULENCY (Cze): “Kres Test” Cd 2006 Khaaranus


I was greatly impressed by this band when I heard “Germ of Erorr” (or was it Error? Never understood if it was a typo or a smart joke). That was surely one of the best grindcore album of the year it was released. This new “Crash Test” flips some cards however and the sound underwent some noteworthy mutations. The sound is much heavier now, and especially in the first song you hear some Napalm Death-like industrial influences have landed in their sound, a bit like Alienation Mental while a bit less invasive. Things are a bit more interesting, as it’s difficult to describe their sound: there is some schizophrenic, dissonant riffing, but everything moves slowly, with a heavy accent on heaviness more than speed. A crushing, loop-like concatenation of power chords a la latest Pyrexia have taken place of the straight ahead grindcore of their old days. There are actually a few grinding bursts but they’re now just smaller parts in a bigger concept, while speed has much more weigth on their previous (honesly much better) album. The vocals are a bit more like a barking drunk dog than a bestial roar, but that’s ok as it gives the music a punkish edge, the riffs are however not the top in energy and I just can’t feel taken from start to end, being this an album that concentrates of power, the riffs are of top importance. I am not sure I dig this album very much, but I admit progression is strong, the packaging of exceptional quality and the multimedia content really big and impressive. While I leave it much to your tastes, I can surely say this is a product which has been made with quality clear in mind as a main goal. The lyricsheet is also very cleverly made as a spin off insert the size of a prayer book, you should see it, very nice.

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