COLLISION (Hol): “Roadkill” Cd 2006 Bones Brigade


Let’s cover my point on these vocals frist: they’re horrendous. Why exactly nobody seemed to recognize how weak and stupid they sound like? As a chorus for Macabre, they could have been nice, but neither of the singers seems to be convincing to any degree, the high ones are just naughty, and the low ones just sound like a cough from someone who smokes 5 packs of cigs a day. Other than that, save one terrible tarantella in “Drama Queen” the rest of the music is killer shit, complex and powerful grindcore structures with neat sound, sing along choruses, and even a couple of guitar tricks that shows how these guys could handle their love sticks with proficiency. There is some of the savagery of Ludichrist in this stuff, with their twisted sense of irony as well. The lyrics too drip of rigthful sarcasm, but sometimes we fall into squat/high school-quality critics against machism and society which just annoy me (exactly how much these guy can KNOW about the politics in the US, and exactly how much they know about Black Metal save the pictures they saw on Kerrang?). Taken on the song structuires alone, this is quite powerful, but I really cannot get over the disastrous vocals.

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