DENIGRARE (Mex): “Venganza” Cd 2006 Alarma


Am I fucking going blind or what? For days I waited before hearing this album becouse I saw a Black Metal guy in corpsepaint on the cover, while it was really just a child with black hair and tape on her mouth. Ah. I am going nuts. Anyway Denigrare is quite okay to me, they play some sort of Brutal Core/Death Metal mix with very little melody and Spanish vocals and a wonderful wood block snare drum sound a la old Pungent Stench. All the songs are made up of a multitude of jagged riffs and very inexpressive, hysterically brutal vocals a bit riminiscent of the very early Krisiun. The guitars aren’t excessively fast, but I bet this album has been quite wronged by its production quality, with some beefier sounds this could have been quite brutal. The abrasive, chunky sound reminds me a bit of that old band named Shredded Corpse if someone remembers, too, but really when the riffs alone aren’t able to hold up the music, recording quality becomes of main importance. Also the layout suffers from one big printing flaw, it seems the films moved when the ink was applied to the covers, becouse there is a blurry effect that makes most of the artwork and text difficult to read. For lovers of brutal, amelodic shit like Incestuous, Shredded Corpse, Cumchrist this shit might appeal a lot. The bonus tracks also show that the drummer is able to blast as well. I don’t understand Spanish but I bet the concept is about pedophilia or something like that.

Vote: 6.7

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