EMBRACE OF THORNS (Gre): “In Embracing of the Goat” split Cd with GOATCHRIST 2006 Black Plague 666


Embrace of Thorns is way less noisy than Goathcrist but while this recording sounds much like a amateurish attempt at citing Von and other cult Black Metal bands in a rehearsal room, I admit some fairly evocative music is being waved here. The vocals are also quite clear, but are of the right kind, distorted and moving steadily from puking sound to nasty snarls. I am not a fan of musicianship, I really want to underline this every time, but I am afraid this is one of those cases when creating simple drone looping sounds just don’t work 100%. I appreciate the attempts but it sounds a bit too little suffocating and the final result is a bit like hearing a college band rehearsing. There is not just enough dark energy here to elevate the whole music above the average, even though the insiprations are all the right ones (Masacre, Goatpenis, Archgoat etc.). If this band find some more chemistry, we might have some real interesting stuff here, the right elements are all here.

Vote: 7.2

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