ENDWARFMENT (Nor): “World Downsfall” 7″ Ep 2006 No Posers Please!


Endwarfment make fun of themselves and the whole world, and are real idiots, let’s be honest. The song “NSBMX” is about a Black Metal kid buying a bike, do I need say more? The whole 7″ is a concept that makes fun of handicapped persons. Ahah. But as in other cases, out of this lack of seriousness come among of the best old school grindcore songs I heard in a several years, this is how grindcore used to sound like about 20 years ago, with releases of bands like 7MON, Sore Throat, early Napalm, Fear of God etc. In this age of lackluster neat and tidy technical grindmetal a la Nasum I almost forgot the total madness that was gind noize in that period: in a way, it’s damn refreshing. The song structures owe nothing to metal, being more of a product of a delirating punk destroy attitude and hatred towards the strings of the guitars and bass. I especially love these vocals which are as insane as Lee Dorrian in his prime before he turned out to be a fucking hippy. The sound is deliciously garageish, with broken volume levels and drums hammering in the background, and the songs are rightfully distant from melody. This is not crusty stuff a la Wolfpack, mind ye, but way more like unmelodic grind-noize the 80’s way!

Vote: 7.8

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