HOLOCAUSTIA (Swe): “The Sacrament Seed” MCd 2006 Unholy Horde


Holocaustia play blatantly derivative, run of the mill Black Metal, but I admit they do it with some competence. The clichès of the genre (after its consolidation post-1990) are all present here in abundance: screechy vocals, gothic fonts, black and white cover and all, and I might say some heresy here but I find some references to Marduk and older Behemoth to be here too; tThis is not just cold and grim music but it has a dose of punishing violence added which is typical of these bands. Some super-borniung and sleepy Dark Throne-ish passages of evocation break the otherwise always fast pace, but these are few and far between. This is a band which gives the best in the fastest parts, there are also some cool guitar licks which are not completely banal when things accelerate. Apart from a bass player and an unnamed drummer, lyrics and music are work of the guitarist/vocalist Oskar, yet again dealing with routine Satanic supermacy, Sumerian mithoi, plague etc etc. The cover artwork is atrocious, a sort of computer graphic thing in black and white, but the booklet itself has the sober, classic elements of a Black Metal booklet.

Vote: 6.6

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