HOLY SHIT B.S.E. (Col): “Fetish Coprological Trauma” Cd 2006 Gore and Blood


Generally speaking I always give bands from South America an extra inch of expectation and interest, especially when we talk about porn/grind/gore bands like this Holy Shit B.S.E. I firstly thought to be. I have to admit this time we have terribly routine Death Metal instead, not goregrind at all, and while the vocals are deep and beefy, the riffs are hopelessly mediocre, like those early Death Metal thrash/death demos I used to trade in the early 90’s. You got just easy chugs over and over and textures too open to be effective. The aesthetics of the band are based on sadism and pornography, although not excessively extreme, and the booklet is thick and slick to the point it feels as if wet with oil. There is not much to add, this is a band which should really revise completely their choice of riffs to make something interesting.

Vote: 5.5

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