LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY (Hol): “Putrefaction in Progress” Cd 2006 Bones Brigade


There is really no need to go into graphic details here, becouse this is the swansong of THE goregrind band par excellence, along with early Carcass, early Regurgitate and earlier Dead Infection. A massacre without a fucking second of breathing space, no intros, no pause, no slow downs whatsoever. The layout is superb, as is the grisly layout arranged with stomach curling details of real life gore, from decapitated heads from central Africa to the cadaver stabbed to death on the front cover. I doubt this band did it for shock value only, as this is the kind of gore which isn’t fun to watch, as it comes from things that happen in everyday life. But hell, the music is a lot of fun to hear instead, fuck! Published posthumous, this last opus by our beloved is a limitless carnage, all blastbeats and harmonized vocals, with a hammering drumwork that beats non-stop from start to end. It’s invigorating stuff that needs to be pumped up at full volume in the car stereo if you know what I mean. It is ironic that the last track is titled “A Divine Proclamation of Finishing the Present Existence” since it’s probably the last stuff we hear from this band, and it’s a hell of a track, a real killer. To make things clearer, none of the other songs save this last one clocks to the full minute, lots of these just stay a few seconds long. Many thanks to a band that never slowed down in over ten years of tenacity! To be noticed that Erwin doesn’t sing in this album, but considering the heavy effects the change isn’t particularly painful. Men this shit is really an exaggeration in heaviness!!!

Vote: 9.9

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