LOBOTOMIZED (Nor): “s/t” 7″ Ep 2006 No Posers Please!


Folding 7″ Eps are always nice to watch, thanks No Posers Please! for this new vinyl release. For being a no poser band, the cover artwork leaves a bit to smile about. This seems like one of those anti-posers band which result to be poser in its own mirrored way. Not metal posers you know, but the punk posers which always have to look drunk, stupid or happy in the pictures and dress meticolously thrashed. Eheh. Other than that, their music is good, it sometimes sounds like Abscess without the Autopsy shadow plus some Ramones vibe: mostly loose, car stereo punk/thrash/core with average vocals and a quite standard choice of riffs. There is one Doomed, one G.G. Allin and one Abscess cover out of 7 songs which rotate around the word “fuck”, if anything, they are coherent with their choices. I admit that this is in my opinion, the plainest of this label’s otherwise excellent roster. The layout is also so routinely, boring punk-clichèd that it could be a Putrid Filth Conspiracy or Civilization release (and that says it all). I don’t know why but this band doesn’t spin much in me. The riffs themselves are’nt so bad however, so I can0t rate it under average, but definitely not much more than that.

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