NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM (Ukr): “Pussymist” Cd 2006 Grindfest


Obviously named after the fantastic song from “Acts of the Unspeakable”, Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium hail from cold Ukraine, and while I actually heard a lot of other stuff by them (they’ve been quite prolific, the goregrind way, in releasing split and amateurish tapes a go-go since 2001), this is the first time I saw their terrible marshmallow logo on a Cd. The packaging is super-colored but also quite professional, I like it very much when I see good layout applied to sewage musick, it makes everything a bit more enjoayble. Musicwise, these guys are playing harshly noisy goregrind with a dissonant, grage quality edge which makes the whole thing reek and ferment all the more. The main theme here is of sexual torture and pornography, as you can judge by the revolting, blood dripping cover. Songs are quite short, broken up by a handful of intros from porn movies, a la old Meat Shits, including vaginal farts and moans of pleasure. The distortion here is quite nasty, resulting in more than tuning down of the instruments; the riffs are quite fuzzy and confused, the vocals themselves don’t follow a precise line, sometimes just highlight the drum beats but generally speaking they’re more like muffled growls and snarls. I like the spontaneous, illogical progression of the songs and also the really garageish noise they are able top produce, even if maybe, some better sound would have helped distingusih the chords. However I have no real complains here as the music that comes out of here does make a lot of sense and it seems it’s exactly what the band aims to: fuzzy, low-quality goregrind, with highly swine vocals a la Pigsty. The logo is among the worse I have seen since Birdflesh but I guess that’s made on purpose too. For fans of pure, ultra underground, rough gore/grind.

Vote: 7.7

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