NEEDFUL THINGS (Cze): “Dead Point” Cd 2006 Khaaranus


Needful Thing‘s debut full-length is a darn impressive juggernaut of annihilating grindcore, spewed up from the concrete slums of Perdovice, as fast and as hard as the city’s famed horse racing contest. The pictures of destruction that can be found within the booklet are fitting the music quite well, fast almost all the time, with a couple of bridges that however maintain a solid percussion uptempo (and shit, I love this drum sound, it emerges with the right “snap” noise among the chaos). The vocals are mainly mid-range growls but you get also a good share of classic higher screams when the drum starts bastbeating and the instruments cramp together into intense releases of pure energy. While pure grindcore is not my favourite genre, I would spend my two cents that this is among the best shit that you could produce in this field, as intense as more known names like Nasum or Cripple Bastards. Pounding hard and dripping shimmering energy this is possibly the best grindcore album I heard this year so far. As far as I can tell, this is also one of the few releases that the bassist of the band Otto didn’t actually produce with his own label Psychotherapy.

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