No Updates but…

No Updates but...

Shit, I haven’t been able to update the website daily as I vowed to do. I will catch up with 6-7 reviews before Saturday so watch out. In the meantime however, I haven’t been still. There is a solid reason why I haven’t been regular in the updates: the Nuclear Death Cd collection is taking FLESH! I recently reached the sum I need to send the Cd to the printer and I have been planning the release in the past few days in some detail. If you run a label and would be interested in doing an exclusive distro in your country for this release, please get in touch. I will be doing graphics for banners, flyers and ads and start bombarding forums for this release in the next few days. I will also open a page with updates on this release in this very website. This new page should be up in a few days as well. In the meantime check the Official Nuclear Death page I run for news (there is a Forum too): Official Nuclear Death Websote.
Individual preorders are also taken, since Buio Omega is managing the Nuclear Death releases, write this address for preorders: michele ATt buio-omega DOT it. Tomorrow I will go through ALL my fanzines and old mags collecting and scanning Nuclear Death artciles for the booklet. PLEASE if you have something you can contribute with to the compilation, let me know. This release will include all 3 Nuclear Death demos plus the official rehearsal tape and a couple extra rehearsal and live tracks, with a thick booklet as well :), no cheap collection stuff this time, I want things done with care and detail. The whole sound has been cleaned up a bit also but the retouching has been minimal, the sound has to be RAW! More details coming in the next months!


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