POPPY SEED GRINDER (Cze): “Oppressed Reality” Cd 2004 Khaaranus


Prague is an enchanting place, grey, cold, sober and full of monumental beauty. And among the pleasant things you could find there, there is also a band which races for the most idiot name I have heard in a long time. Prejudices apart, Poppy Seed Grinder play intense, relatively technical Brutal Death that doesn’t differ much from the kind offered by earlier Dying Fetus (“Infatuation” era), with its huge shares of harmonic twists and leaks, and ogre-deep vocals. I am listening to this Cd with a pair of very old headphones so I can’t tell you anything about the recording with accuracy, but the things seems to be arranged for the best here, with crisp production, dozen tempo changes, over the top synchronous chug/grunt moments and all that classic Dying Fetus weaponry, plus some extra inch of fast blasting. Not groundbreaking but good stuff if one loves this kind of Death Metal, however it is diametrically opposite to the Death Metal I DO like, and that leaves me a bit cold in the end. Excellent top level packaging here, on the level of the rest of Khaaranus releases. To make it clear, don’t be misled by the name, there is no grind here.

Vote: 6.5

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