PROCLAMATION (Spa): “Advent of the Black Omen” Cd 2006 Ross Bay Cult


Proclamation from Spain are quite a recent band, that during the last few years managed to reach a cult status in the deepest Black Metal underground. Since their first demo “Imperious Jaws Of Ire” they showed a dedication which is hard to find nowadays, Completely loyal to the sound of such Death/Black legends as Blasphemy, Mystifier, Archgoat they assaulted the scene with a few releases that became very soon classic. This first full length is no exception to the rule, it’s incredibly brutal, morbid, obscure and ritualistic. An aura of obscenity is engulfing all the 11 tracks composing the album, ferocious and annihilating this bestial monolith shows fully the greatness of this band. The sound is chaotic and raw, but all the instruments are still clearly audible, a better production would have surely ruined the very special atmosphere of the album, this putrid sound is absolutely perfect. Many bands playing this style of music either are not so intense or tend to become quickly boring, Proclamation manage to be unbelievably intense throughout the whole record without being boring at all…The booklet is simple but effective, reminds of “The Fallen Angel Of Doom” album by Blasphemy, lyrics and pictures are included. “Advent Of  Black Omen” is soon to become a classic, get this piece of perversion now. I advise everybody to see them live if you can, and expect some seriously extreme ritual…

Vote: 9

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