RIBSPREADER (Swe): “Rotten Rhytms and Rancid Rants” Cd 2006 Obliteration


Please offend me now, and heavily. Was always Ribspreader THIS good? I definietly need to check out the former 2 albums becouse if they’re half as good as on this Cd, I have found another hit for the month. The initial riff of this sick album screams Carnage with twisted pride. Ribspreader plays pure 1990 Swedish Death Metal in the vein of Carnage (again), Bloodbath, Grave and other bands so good my hands tremble as I type the names. They are not as savagely heavy as Blooodbath, and some other contaminations make way into their sound, sometimes a bit too rock’n roll maybe, but the important thing is that the vocals are always sick, the distortion is still of the Dismember kind, and the lyrics remain sick and vulgar. Autopsy influences which were vital for the original Swedish sound could also be glimpsed, and sometimes the vocals too a bit raucuous and acid-vomit-burned, in the vein of old Chris (not that unique, though). The album doesn’t live up the same intensity from start to end, but stuff like this is molten gold today, with some added dirt and some less rhytmic tempos we might have REAL top level shit here. From what I heard these guys are even better than Death Breath, this new attempt at reviving Swedish Death like Bloodbath did excellently in the beginning, made by ex-Grave members after that disastrous shit that was Cahosbreed. Nice sick cover art too, insane and rough.

Vote: 9.2

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