BLOODY DIARRHOEA (Cze): “4-Way Cybergrind Pornogoremageddon” split Cd with PSYCHOSADISTIC HATERAPIST (USA/Ma), FUCK SAW (USA/Wi), TUMOUR (Hol) 2006 Bizarre Leprous/Coyote/Urethra/Butchered/Sevared


Bloody Diarrohea plays light hearted, crunchy groove-goregrind a bit in the vein of Jig Ai, Cock & Ball Torture, Cumgun etc. dressed with samplings from relatively mainsream works like Sin City and the Happy Tree Family. Riminiscences of Gut and the German sludge gore are strong, and surely the sound evolves around the heavy power chords and downtuned guitar shovelwrk. The songs are fresh and hold for the whole running time, but sometimes the over the top humour becomes a bit boring. Some good shit might come from here, however.

Vote: 7.4

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