CRUCIFIST (USA-Ny): “demo 2005” Cd-r [demo]


For which unfathomable reason this band is catalogued as Black Metal is still a misery to me. Have we come to a point where the lyrics have nothing more to do with Black Metal? Becouse the distortion here sounds absolutely in the vein of Autopsy “Metal Funeral” or maybe a bit rawer, less technical, the Abscess – way. In any case this stuff is pretty decent, for being a project of Orodruin mit Danny Lilker on bass. The riffs are very loose and elementary and have a deep taste of punk slugginess and the recording is certainly demo-level but accurate, if a bit lacking of profundity. Crucifist is basically an old-school Death Metal band and the doomy element covers a good 50% of these tracks but I found contaminations of Stoner and neo-Black Metal as well on the third track in particular. In the end, when you have a band like The Ravenous and Hemlock in your roster, I wonder how much need there was of a project like this, becouse there is really nothing of added value here. The vocals are the weak spot here, raucous and a bit too flat for my tastes, but there is a good share of excellent riffs thrown in this hedgepodge of styles that comprise Autopsy, Melvins, Kyuss and whatever you can name.

Vote: 6.2

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