IMPURITY (USA-Fl): “Unearthly Affinity” MCd 2006 Nuclear Winter


Impurity plays fantasic, powerful Death Metal the American way, but the American way of the early ’90s. There is brilliancy in this music and it could hardly be otherwise since the owner of Nuclear Winter records knows his stuff for sure. Main compraisons could be made to Incantation without the doomy parts, or Immolation without the obsessive demoniac riff hammering. The vocals are deep and growling, and the riffs morbidly dark, just the way Death metal is meant to be. Not only the cover art is a splendid example of torture, but the lyrics too are interersting stories about Indian Mythology (well not that original nowadays maybe). It is great to hear not all the Florida scene has moved to hypertechnical blasting. The bad aspect in this release is the running time, just below the quarter of an hour, but it has to be bought at all costs, this is cool shit.

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