LUGUBRE (Hol): “Anti-Human Black Metal” Cd 2004 Folter


Lugubre are a completely forgettable black metal band from Holland, with a magnificent logo disgraced by cheap bevel effects applied all over on cover. It fits them quite well, as they’re a mockery of themselves. Re-heated Black Metal of the cheapest kind, with bad but not raw sound, Simpson like vocals, pegleg drumming, and worse of all terribly banal riffs. This is the kind of “Black Metal” which could make me fall asleep on the highway. The drums are inadequate to say the least, but what kills is the complete eveness of the songs, this is stuff that can make even an Insidious Decrepancy album sound exhuberant (and that should say it all). It’s a shame how these bands sometimes pretend to tag Brutal Death Metal as boring. There is aguy with a Tsjuder shirt in the pics, and I think I remember they to sound a bit similar to this. Tsk tsk.

Vote: 4.5

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