NEMESIS AETERNA (Spa): “Mind Disorder” Cd 2006 s/p


This is the kind of Death Metal which just does not create much enthusiasm in me. The vocals are deep and the songs all right, but it just misses “it”, there is just no great feeling here. The chemistry is near-perfect, the songs have lots of structure and the songwriting is solid, with added skill and clean recording, yet this is the kind of albums that just pass through my player as I write the review and then no more. There are some delicate signs of dissonance and even melodic chord vibrations, but in the whole, I cannot find a single hook on which to hang my attention. In a way this is the same problem I got with Oath to Vanquish. With so many fantastic bands out there, it is high improbable I could spend my money on a Cd like this, independently how chiseled it is. Well done and never banal but lacking something deep beneath.

Vote: 5.9

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