OCTAGON (USA-Al): “Artisans of Cruelty” Cd 2005 Autopsy Kitchen


Shit, this is even worse than Lugubre (but not as bad as The Syre probably)! Noisy (but not incomprehesible) Black Metal of the cold, misogynist, sadistic kind, the production is desperate, in a way that all sound sound just muffled but they’re quite distict at the same time, as if filtered through bad earphones. The riffs are the cheapest, a mix of high school rock and some inspiration from the realm of dismal Black Metal. The vocals are those of Marge Simpson, but sometimes they recover a bit for just a few seconds in the realm of manliness. I doubt I would suggest this stuff to anybody, this is maybe not as completely disastrous as Cradle of Filth et similia, but we’re well below the average here.

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