Monthly Archives: January 2007

What’s up?

You might be wondering what’s happening in these days of silence. Well a few things have been building up behind the scenes. The printed version of Nuclear Abominations isn’t up yet, but that’s because I am still doing some interviews and am finishing a few detailed retrospective articles on Carcass and Beherit (with plenty of photos and infos). The tentative date of December wasn’t too optimistic however, because I trust it won’t take much more time. I am also lagging with reviews and have at least 50 new ones to do to catch up with promo material. I will post 2-3 reviews a day for the next few days to get to the present day, with the month of December excluded as originally planned.
As for the releases, two works are under construction right now: the Nuclear Death demo collection is way close to completion, I just need the artwork and layout finished hopefully by end January/February, I can assure you I am in control of the situation. The idea of a limited double Lp version is also vivid and much probable, but let’s not overtalk now as I usually do. I am also following a split release between Anatomia from Japan and Bowel Fetus from Australia, both total Autopsy worshippers as yours truly. We’re still discussing about the layout and much of the recording has yet to be done but see, if the Nuclear Death thing is going to take too long, that’s the next thing you’ll see from the label. You can check more details on the Nuclear Death release on the Official band website I registered last month (
Nuclear Abominations isn’t only about goregrind, but goregrind surely has some underground fascination on me, that’s why I also put up a forum/wiki website where you can find information about anything you need on this genre. If you play or know informations that are not listed there, please make your contribution, it’s easy and free.
I also took some pictures at the Just Killers No Fillers show in Germany last month, which I plan to post on this website soon. I have also read a few good books on webdesign techniques and finally got a digital camera, both things which should improve the website aesthetics.
A big hello to everybody who has kept in touch all these weeks of silence and don’t lose your faith, more reviews are to come SOON!