INCARNATE (fin): “Exist To Extinct” MCd 2006 s/p [demo]

IncarnateI admit I don’t like extremely much of this demo except for the honesty of calling it an Ep despite the over 25 minute running time. The Cd itself is cheap silver disc but both layout and design are decent enough, save for some evident jpeg loss on the artwork, but for a demo, who can complain. The band comes from the Finnish western town of Kannus (population 5.000!), and it shows – eh – there is even a guy with a Kalevala shirt (which is like seein’ a Greek with an Odissey shirt or an Italian with an Aeneid one). Well I guess it’s some band’s maybe…

Incarnate describes itself as Death Thrash and I mostly agree. There is a thick groove in the heavily segmented riffs, and a couple of Exodus-like choruses appear also. What don’t appeal me much are those gremlin-like vocals. Starting with song two they tend to get more varied, but I really cannot manage to like them at all. Just lacking some punch. The songs are fast and thrashing though, and definitely mature, with multilayered riffs, arpeggios and the whole range of metal stuff – even some ripping solos. There is a strong slope of quality in the recording between the first three tracks and the rest (if it’s not my stereo), but one can hear everything quite clearly. This is mostly stuff made for heavy alcoholic mosh than straight Death Metal, which means I am sure someone (maybe someone into Bestial Mockery or other similar semi-retro band) is going to like this. Anyway, I remain of the idea that some real 80’s clean but raspy vocals would fit better the mix.

In short, not my stuff, but good for a night of mosh. Advanced enough without being inexcapably technical or lacking kick.

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