ULTIMO MONDO CANNIBALE (Ita): “Promo Pio 2006” Cd-r 2006 s/p [demo]

Ultimo Mondo Cannibale - Promo Pio 2006I thought this band was mainly a tribute to Impetigo, consisting of raw, punkish Death/Grind with a consistent Horror theme. But there is something quite different here. I love the total garageish amateur sound, and also the creative use of the vocals which are mainly deep and cut into single short grunts, but also enriched by a scattered phlegmy gargles. I also liked the quotes (taken from “Mangiati Vivi”- not sure, please correct me – and “Night of the Living Dead”, timeless classics). But despite the raw sound, some things are not fitting the scheme and move this demo towards something just slightly above mediocrity. The slow, rhytmic pace and mainly deep vocals, are clear connections to the late 90’s American Death Metal scene, the humorous jingles at the end and beginning of the demo are screaming “boring year 2007 fun goregrind”, and well, the song titles are just ranging from cheese humour to porn, which are not fitting spectacularly well with the horror samples. Porn, comedy or horror? Things are not clear at all. Seems like they want to take everything in without a real vision. Some identity is still missing in this band, but I look forward to hear more… some riffs are Autopsy worship which is a plus, and I think there is surely some good concept at the beginning, but their potential is far from exploited… well let’s see where this thing goes. No comments on the layout since this is a just a quick photocopied promo, but beware the images are very bad resolution…

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