Other News…

An unknown Chinese label was about to press a complete discography of Fear of God (the Swiss noise band). The band immediately stopped the press of the Cd and sued legal action if such a product was ever released. Seems like if you want to make a bootleg, you shouldn’t even thing about contacting the band first, just do it anonimously. I am 100% sure some other label from south America will be doing something identical soon and will be selling the copies on eBay. Too bad when the bands don’t recognize it.

Birdflesh “Mongo Musicale” is going to be released by Power It Up on vinyl. The band members are totally deranged and their aesthetics are ludicorous, but the riffs are pure gold. Always from Power It Up is a collection of singles and rare tracks from Haemorrhage called “Haemotology”.

Iron Pegasus from Germany released OFFICIAL Poison shirts! Also Messiah ones.

Brainwash/Lymphatic Phlegm split 7″ is OUT!!!

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