Slow updates

You might have noticed that updates have not been regular lately. That’s because I have been super-busy with the other half of Nuclear Abominations: the label.

Sadly I have to announce that the Nuclear Death demos collection has slipped forward once again in the time table. I am making sure things are made the best way possible for this release so dear to me and I relied on the best artist for the task of putting together all the elements for the layout. I haven’t seen any sketches yet but I quite sure things will be memorabl. He has been busy with jobs like Deathspell Omega so if you want a preview of the style, have a look at those works. So far only the Cd has been discussed but the vinyl version will be released not much later.

So while I am awaiting for a bunch of other releases to be prepared I decided to give the first kick myself. As I am writing, all the layouts and music files are ready at the pressing plant for the first new Nuclear Abominations release. I did it all myself so let’s cross fingers. It won’t be the last one however, I promise. Before saying who the artist on the new 7″ is I want to have the real thing in my hands however, I had too many bad experiences in the past so no proclaims before the ball is rolling in my hands. As soon as I can I will post all infos, including shipping costs etc. Some trades might be possible but only against vinyl. Last word. Believe me this Ep is going to be a real nice cut of blasphemy…

Talking about Nuclear Abominations release ideas which have been promptly taken by other labels, Necroharmonic has just released a re-release of the Singles Collections by Gut, originally on Deliria. Haven’t seen the package but the cover doesn’t look particularly good. Probably my idea of a 3Cd discography would have been somewhat better. Anyway that idea made sense only so far as the band was disbanded, it doesn’t really make sense to make a anthology of an active one (not to mention the last stuff is quite “controversial”).

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