Small turn

I have realized that for the most part, I am so slow at writing reviews becouse most of the albums I have in queue are either terribly ordinary – or worse. Of course having a fanzine has its own share of fun, but also some responsabilities. I cannot just thrash all the mediocre stuff and review only the coolest. But yet I decided to give it a small turn. When I am not in a mood for new music, I’ll just review some old item from the past. After all there are plenty of forums and webzines around if you need informations on a recently released album. Of course I will still do my hoeworks and give a shot at all the promo material I have, but since there are so many good releases and bands around today – why not listening to them instead of *insert name of a random east-european grindcore band with Czech name here*.

Let’s face it, the “old school Death Metal” trend is just that, a trend. But a trend that is giving birth to a lot of extremely cool bands, like the new Tribulation, Degial, Vomination, Crucifire etc. Just like the Sarcofago/Hellhammer trend of 6-7 years ago brought us Goat Semen, Rites of thy Degringolade or Levifer. These are trends I support eh eh.

Back on us, more old school shit to follow, and at last some interviews as well. Let’s give this fanzine a REAL face.

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