Apocalypse Command to be released in September

The vinyl factory initially told me that it would take just 3 weeks to prepare the records once they got the layout material. However I got a message from them right yesterday (one month after they got it ALL – material and money) that it will take one more moth before the records are delivered that makes 2 months in my world. Whatever. Prepare to see the Ep out in mid September (hoping they are doing it all straight – I had two specific requests for the layout).

Just got back from Hamburg and the Sadistic Intent show. Needless to say it was one of the best shows I have ever seen in my life. The air was charged with the vibrations of DEATH. I also managed to meet ad drink along with Jeff Becerra of Possessed, an hero of my childhood. It was great to see a Death Metal warrior still 100% into extreme metal after all these years. Long live the king.

I am discussing with Will Rahmer the possibility to start an Italian chapter of the NYDM brotherhood. Italian guys interested please get in touch for more details.

A new issue of Necromaniac ‘zine has finally been released – I stock a few copies in my own shop for those interested – real good zine with interview with killer bands.

Hacker (ex-Unholy Terror) started a label called OBSCURE DOMAIN – its new release Headhunter DC “Spreading God’s Cancer” is out now. Get it damn!!!

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