EMBALMING THEATRE (che): “D-Composition” split Cd with HACKSAW SURGERY (aus) 2008 Grindhead

Embalming TheatreI still believe the best thing coming out of Embalming Theatre is their vocals. deep, grotesque, powerful… real piece of cake. However I am not really into their hybrid form of grind/gore, as there is a touch of melody mellowing the whole receipt in a way I don’t really understand. It’s not about the mischievous harmonies of early Swedish Death Metal, but more about an effortless display of DeathMetal with no aim. Sometimes they are capable of putting together a bunch of powerful riffs, but then shortly afterwards they manage to ruin it all with some tremendously routine chugs and cheap happy guitar leaks (let’s not talk about the last track on their side… it’s fucking terrible). I don’t really want to put another nail in the rotting coffin of this review, but songs, too, are surprisingly alike… 60% of this album is decent death metal without special praise, the remaining 40% scores slightly below however…

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