Actually I have made one further upgrade to WordPress 2.3.3 today, mainly for secuirty reasons. I have opened and configured neatly my Flickr account as well, you can have a look at some Stockholm Treblinka/Obscurity/Uncanny pics here. I am not into doing a review of the concert right now, I won’t be able to write anything interesting… it just was there, I was there… nothing much to add. I had a great time.

I have filmed all 3 bands, but I am still working on some software to shrink the videos for Youtube. I’ll surely post something here.

I am also tweaking the look of the blog into a version 2.1, and fixing some plugins that didn’t work anymore. Should be fine soon.
I had the courage to grab 15 Cds from the review queue and make a vow to review one each day for the next 2 weeks, the blog hasn’t been updated for too long. I have tons of cool shit like Anatomia, Noiscore Freak, Lincoln Love Log, Kiju, Profanatica, Seraphim Slaughter, Eyetofuk, Victimizer etc.

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