BOLESNO GRINJE (Hrv): “s/t” split Cd with MERCENARY COCKROACH (Hrv) 2007 Endless Brutality of Men

BOLESNO GRINJEAnother solid hit from our Croatian friends Bolesno Grinje. From what i understand this album is dedicated to a community of people and bands that live in an ex-barracks building in the city of Pula. It is kinda strange for me to hear because I probably have some distant parents in that city, since my grandfather is from Koper and my Grandmother from Piran. They are not in Croatia but all these cities belonged to Italy before the last war. I also hardly heard any good grindcore bands from Croatia other than Bolesno Grinje that I can remember of, but this band definitely has definitely made some good stuff in their albums: their songs are strong and their chemistry tight and convincing.

Powerful metallic grind with an edge is the formula they have stuck on, and so far it’s the 4th release I hear from them and they never slowed down nor wimped out an inch. Their style is personal and not particularly easy to pigeonhole. Fast paced rhytms are abundant as in any grind band but their sound is thick and powerful in the best Agathocles/Cripple Bastards way. The vocals are still that kind of gruff barf typical of old English grindcore bands, but they fit real good here. No special tricks but each and all of the guitar riffs save a very bad song in the end of their side (“Nervoza”…. completely useless experiment IMHO) are arranged with taste. This is a good album for people into Mince Core and grind with a lot of muscle. Good shit even if not strictly my favorite thing.

One doubt still bothers me… what the fuck is the thing on the cover? My best bet so far is a close up of a white chocolate bar with nuts. Your guess?

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