VUOHIVASARA (fin): “Thorns Pest Blood” split Cd with WARPATH (fin) 2007 Iron, Blood & Death

VUOHIVASARATwo releases by this band in a row, wow. Whew. Ouch. This material comes a bit before the afore-reviewed full-length, and you can clearly hear it – I am afraid to tell. Songs here are even simpler and vocals still less developed, almost in a semi-amateurish way. I kinda appreciate the spirit of our dear Goat Hammers in a very insane way, but honestly speaking I still believe this is the kind of records that pass across like a summer rain. Their kind of Black Metal is still decent, more in the Swedish than in the Norwegian tradition; still much better than 90% of second wave Black Metal or other “cult” bands from France, but yet the majesty, obscurity and satanic might of Death… (opps) Black Metal is lacking somewhat. Not minimalist, decorously played, but still a bit unripe. Even if the booklet is thin (just one leaf), the cover art is spectacular. Eerie, grim and grotesque, this art director Arthur Axe is doing good things.

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