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We finally got some HATE MAIL!
This is a recent comment on the Hipermenorrea CD! I know I am supposed to be dead but this one deserved to be pulished!
“This is just sick, who would post some shit like this? Are you all sadistic freaks jacking off to the photograph of a poor HUMAN BEING who at the very least will never be able to enjoy life like others. You do not deserve your mouths and faces as nothing good comes of them but rather just sick and perverted scenes of grotesque violence. In my humble and unbiased opinion i believe it is because of people like you sick fucks that these kinds of scenes of gore and violence exist in our world. You deserve to be cut apart piece by piece… slowly and painfully starting with each knuckle of your fingers leading up to the hand… but you should be put on IV’s of plasma so that you do not bleed to death but rather live long enough for the incisions to completely cut off your limbs and let the last scene your eyes see before losing conscientiousness is your heart being ripped out of your chest and shoved into that fucking hole you call a face.
You…you are the scum of the earth, adding nothing to society but grief and suffering. You deserve to rot in hell you sick son of a bitch, as anyone who finds enjoyment in these types of images deserves to die a horrible and painful death. All of you sadists and masochists sit around your computers comparing pictures of violent injuries which were either induced by others or self-inflicted. ANY OF YOU MOTHER FUCKERS WHO HAVE THE BALLS TO STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU ENJOY IN THESE IMAGES (assuming you haven’t cut them off) FEEL FREE TO REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE.
P.S. the authorities have been notified and this website will be brought under federal investigation, under which it may be banned in the United States. Good luck with your sick obsessions as this is not the first or last website you sick fucks will be banned from. I will not give up, i will not cease to find where you fester like a cancer on this society. I will see to it that each and every site like this or others pertaining to the same subject matter WILL BE STOPPED.”

Thank you, we need support like this!