Hellflame magazine #8 out in April

Issue #8

Hellflame magazine is one of the oldest Black/Death Metal fanzines from Italy, dating back to the early 90’s. I know that, I was there, it’s right from my city, actually.

Certainly, Hellflame is one of the first fanzines that focused on a wide variety of extreme metal bands focusing on niche ones with a particular spark of talent regardless if it was German Black Metal or American proto-slam. Written by Nicola aka “Litanie De Dumuzi” who also draws most illustrations and basically coordinates everything. After a long pause during which he lived in UK to wash the clothes in the Strait of Dover, the man is back and is ready to release his new issue. A solid 60-page work with a scattering of interviews with Vilifier, Nuclear Abominations records (yep!), Dreadful Relic, Mara, Iron Tyrant, Crucifier, House of Atreus, Cruciamentum plus the usual flood of reviews and accounts.

Order your copy straight from him also for wholesale, or you can get your own from me.

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