What’s up?

What's up?

You might be wondering what’s happening in these days of silence. Well a few things have been building up behind the scenes. The printed version of Nuclear

Abominations isn’t up yet, but that’s because I am still doing some interviews and am finishing a few detailed retrospective articles on Carcass and Beherit

(with plenty of photos and infos). The tentative date of December wasn’t too optimistic however, because I trust it won’t take much more time. I am also

lagging with reviews and have at least 50 new ones to do to catch up with promo material. I will post 2-3 reviews a day for the next few days to get to the

present day, with the month of December excluded as originally planned.

As for the releases, two works are under construction right now: the Nuclear Death demo collection is way close to completion, I just need the artwork and

layout finished hopefully by end January/February, I can assure you I am in control of the situation. The idea of a limited double Lp version is also vivid

and much probable, but let’s not overtalk now as I usually do. I am also following a split release between Anatomia from Japan and Bowel Fetus from

Australia, both total Autopsy worshippers as yours truly. We’re still discussing about the layout and much of the recording has yet to be done but see, if

the Nuclear Death thing is going to take too long, that’s the next thing you’ll see from the label. You can check more details on the Nuclear Death release

on the Official band website I registered last month (www.nuclear-death.com)

Nuclear Abominations isn’t only about goregrind, but goregrind surely has some underground fascination on me, that’s why I also put up a forum/wiki website

www.goregrind.com/wiki where you can find information about anything you need on this genre. If you play or know

informations that are not listed there, please make your contribution, it’s easy and free.

I also took some pictures at the Just Killers No Fillers show in Germany last month, which I plan to post on this website soon. I have also read a few good

books on webdesign techniques and finally got a digital camera, both things which should improve the website aesthetics.
A big hello to everybody who

has kept in touch all these weeks of silence and don’t lose your faith, more reviews are to come SOON!


DEMONICAL (Swe): “Bloodspell Divine” Cd 2007 Dreamtide


I admit that war is not my favorite theme in terms of aesthetics and lyrics in Death Metal, but when things are done

properly, it works indeed. It’s a bit weird becouse there is no real common theme judging by the song titles, and since there is no lyricsheet here either, I cannot tell if the next release will follow this concept. I got this promo of Dreamtide Music records directly from Martin/Centinex a few weeks ago and I have listened to it quite often since, it’s killer Death Fucking Metal with a LOT of energy and the right sound and real no weak riffs. It is not striclty Swedish Death as in Left Hand Path if you know what I mean, but it succeeeds in sounding advanced without being polished. The distortion is low and powerful with lots of fast and chuggish riffs, choruses and trademark Swedish vocals that sound deep but also distinct. Compared to latest Centinex here we have some way heavier, more coherent and compact Swedish Death. No real weak spots here to exploit, they sound a bit like latest Dismember without the boring melodies, with an added war metal touch a la Exmortem. A full length like this will be very impressive. Dreamtide music website does not seem to exist but it may just be down at the moment. More of this, please.

Vote: 8.8

INTESTINAL DISGORGE (USA-Tx): “A Clockwork Whore Binge” Cd 2005 Sonic Death


I am telling this very sincerely: I remembered Intestinal Disgorge to be way heavier than this. When I was about to put this

album in the player I was expecting hugely sick sewage scatological goregrind shit noise, but sincerely this stuff didn’t

turn out to be as heavy as I hoped. The sound is quite clear all the time and the guitar distortion would fit better a modern

Death Metal band. Lots of riffs are balanced between crusty modern grindcore a la Bolesno Grinje and some power chords a la

Internal Bleeding and harmonics and stuff of clear Brutal Death origin, but I just don’t dig this mickey mouse vocals that

seem like a timid attempt at playing the grindcore noise game. Even if sometimes some sick twisted savagery emerges, Japanese

are able to condense all this and more in one quarter the songs contained in this “Clockwork Whore Binge”. There are also no

lyrics inside, just a short story of a guy killing girls and masturbating on the strangled cadavers. And the cover is a very

cheap piece of computer graphics, which to me suit a goregrind/noise release as well as a photo of a field of red flowers. No

really, there is some deviation in here but it seriously need an extra dose of filth, if it was on vinyl, i would rub it on a

dirty floor to add some craclking and dirt to this sound. Go back to the Rectal Sludge era, it was much better. Do not

misunderstand me, this is not wimpy stuff, but it’s just they turned all the attention to noisy side leaks instead of making

the whole songs a work of noise.

Vote: 6

LAMENT CONFIGURATION (USA-Ga): “Demonic Incantations” Cd-r 2005 Vile Art


Reviewing a band after seeing Grotesque in concert is something quite painful to stand, especially when a band is so full to the brim of clichŠs and devoid of personality as this one. This is the kind of sad ballad Black Metal a la Burzum out of ideas. Musically this is nothing but of shit. One million kilos of reverb, which might as well hide Dream Theater beneath this veil of filth. Nothing wrong with it, so far so good if they leave the moaning continuously vibrating all the time. What kills everything here is that couple of happy, sing along rock and roll riffs which just fit the distant vocals like a dick in the pea soup. There is little to pity in this shit. If Black Metal is surely more about misanthropy and atmospheres, this fails tragically. There is a thin veil between dismal simplicity and being incompetent. This shit band stands right in the second field. The cover is standard greyscale with gothic fonts and stuff but well, this might as well be the case with this genre.

Vote: 3

TEARDOWN (Fin): “Cold Rooms” Cd-r 2006 s/p [demo]


Well first of all I wonder how the fuck this thing got among my promo heaps. This kind of emo-goth shit is so mellow I wonder if I could stand it as a whole. Seeing this was a Finnish band I was pretty sure the singer was at least a hotbody of the turbo-pussy brand, so I started looking frantically for band pics on the Internet but I am afraid this chick came up even being not that hot as I hoped. Seriously speaking I hate this shit music and this is just a matter of integrity to cut this thing short. The production is fine but this kind of Lacuna Coil/69 Eyes etc sad and melodic (not to mention pretentuous) movement has really come to saturation years ago. The production is fine, and the structures are simple but they work. Hell, how can you do wrong whan you have 2 riffs per songs and they’re also copied them from another million bands before, just watch MTV for 2 or 3 hours and make a patchwork. This is a genre that’s going nowhere really, but I am afraid I am going to listen to this band someday in a metal pub… Decent packaging of the post-McKean era, with Photoshop gringe duotones and guys desperating. At least we don’t have an angel on the cover this time.

Vote: 4

BLOODY DIARRHOEA (Cze): “4-Way Cybergrind Pornogoremageddon” split Cd with PSYCHOSADISTIC HATERAPIST (USA/Ma), FUCK SAW (USA/Wi), TUMOUR (Hol) 2006 Bizarre Leprous/Coyote/Urethra/Butchered/Sevared


Bloody Diarrohea plays light hearted, crunchy groove-goregrind a bit in the vein of Jig Ai, Cock & Ball Torture, Cumgun etc. dressed with samplings from relatively mainsream works like Sin City and the Happy Tree Family. Riminiscences of Gut and the German sludge gore are strong, and surely the sound evolves around the heavy power chords and downtuned guitar shovelwrk. The songs are fresh and hold for the whole running time, but sometimes the over the top humour becomes a bit boring. Some good shit might come from here, however.

Vote: 7.4