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BATTERED INTESTINE (Hol): “Hacksaw Brainsurgery” Cd-r 2008 demo

Where do I start? I don’t remember anything about reviewing records ah ah! After a cold beer tonight I just picked out the old box of Cds and tapes yet to review and wiped some dust off a multitude of cool things. Unable to decide where to start I just picked up this one randomly. The letter is date october 14, 2008. Wow Ricky, I must extend my first apologies for reviewing this album almost 4 years later. Eh.

I think I always started by giving some clues on the packaging. Nothing to say here, reeally, it’s just a CD-r with some tracks in it. Still better than downloading mp3s from the Internet of course. The font used may not be the best in the world but sticking to black and white and old horror lartwork reminiscent of old Tales from the Crypt is a sure shot. I have seen professional packages done worse than this (see Extreem records reissues).

Letting the disc spin, I have to say Battered Intestine is not the most outstanding goregrind band you can hear either. It’s always a fine line you’re walking when you try to play mid tempo gore stuff: plainly said CBT are good at it, this “band” isn’t. The record neither noisy nor sludgy nor heavy enough to stand out of the murky waste of gore sludge the scene proposes, it’s just a run of the mill bedroom recording with that metallic drum sound and buzzing guitarwork we heard many times, and honestly the guitar riffs themselves, taken singularly, are atrocious. Better than latest Samael for sure, but not a must buy.

Just in case you want to give it a chance, the full demo can be downloaded from their MySpace page.

CARNIVAL OF CARNAGE (Hol): “s/t” 3″ Cd 2007 Grindfest

Carnival of CarnageI always found intriguing this cool 3″ format, ever since I saw it for the first time from bands like Paroxysm, Adramelech, Schizo etc. You can’t really fit more than 15 minutes on a mini disc but a quarter of an hour of Carnival of Carnage is a big bloodshower nonetheless. I was just perplexed to read that this recording is dated 2001. 6 or 7 years have passed and for what reason it wasn’t released earlier? I always have the impression that this is the kind of bands that get better with time, so I feel a little betrayed.

I n any case these 6 tracks are a fist in the face, as usual. Wall of sound type of guitar crunch, super low frog vocals and frantic, atypical drum programming make Carnival of Carnage one of the best bands in its genre in my opinion. You don’t get generic relentless blasting (what an admirable effort for a drum machine would it be) but more like a slimy pillar of pudding waving back and forth, erratically crushing like a limbless, eyeless mongoloid – I can almost see it bubbling and chocking with its hundred teethless mouths. Powerful, noisy, grotesque and heavy as hell. Real cool shit.