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INCINERITOR (Ita): “Morbid Iconoclasm” MCd 2007 Skullbuster

Incineritor - Morbid

It is really great to hear that the passion for old school Death Metal (sigh, I really wish I could write only Death Metal but people would misunderstand my words if I exclude the words “old school”, wouldn’t they?) is intact nowadays more than ever. One of the few good things of the Internet generations, is getting in touch with other people form all around the world which were listening to the same albums you did 15+ years ago. But even as cool is to hear fresh new faces in the underground scene discarding the bollocks of today’s technical wanking in favor of morbidity and obscurity. For a few years I thought it was just a matter of nostalgia when one sticks to old sonorities, but when you see people that were barely born at the time the classic Death Metal records were released playing the real shit, well you realize there actually IS something different in the “old ways”. And it looks as if this band knows it.

This Incineritor (?) debut Ep reeks of dust and cobwebs – the riffs have a demo-level minimalism but the concept beneath this band’s existence is rather clear. The drummer’s primitive bashing coalesce with Matt’s guttural vocals into a mix of old Hellhammer, Master and Cianide. Some attempts at playing slower, denser parts however do not seem to be particularly effective, as they just sound just a bit unripe and a tidbit too strident for my tastes (the guitar work is a bit rigid). This is an Ep for lovers of unrefined Death Metal with really no polishing at all. I also liked the vocals which have no forms of harmony at all. On the downside the four tracks tend to sound a bit similar, and there is a Unleashed-like gallop in track “Ritual Carnage” which worryingly sounds like tarantella, but other than that this is very good shit.

The lyrics (hey at last!) deal with demonic hordes and Armageddon, in pure Immolation “Here in After” style (but without biblical referrals). They’re nicely (ah!) old fashioned as well.

INTERNAL BLEEDING (USA-Ny): “Onward To Mecca” Cd 2004 Olympic

Internal Bleeding - Onward to MeccaFirst of all, the title of the album and the cover art are fabolous. I totally share their view. My balls are quite full of this racist scum terrorizing the world. And even more I am full of hearing that the Western Word is the only responsible for their behaviour. Hundreds of years of civilization and all they produced is superstition and kilometers of barren desert wastelands. These shits have to be eradicated from the world, and if the H-bomb that is meant to do that has the colors of blue red and white, so be it. But let’s not digress, Nuclear Abominations is not a political webzine. It is about gore, deformities and sickness. Fuck.

The layout and graphics are not stellar for a label like Olympic but the job is well done and amateur errors are missing altogether this time. I don’t like the choice of colors and the yellow glow/embossing on the logo but that’s how it is today.

Hearing Internal Bleeding without Chris Pervelis is indeed very strange, but I admit the riffs are still solid, chugging, 100% NY slam. I wonder how much of Chris did flow through the recording this album – except for the acknowledged part at the end of “This Day I Fight”.  What’s undeniable is that the musicwriting here is one score better than anything I heard on Entorturement or 420 – both band were maybe too unripe at the time they were releasing their demos. Who knows, point is, this album takes everything these guys recorded before by the balls and shake. One should not forget that Internal Bleeding is over 15 years old, and it was one of the very first bands to start the NY style slam shit. So don’t annoy me with shit like “unoriginality”. A bit of guilt maybe they have, since this is a genre which is extremely dangerous to play, the line between a solid mosh indicung massive riff and a tarantella is blurry. Lots of young bands are now playing very, very boring monkey-core-metal trying to follow these steps. But Internal Bleeding always did it quite well, and despite some recording difficulties, I did like early Internal Bleeding as well. Expecially with Frank Rini on vocals (someone told me he’s a policeman today. Ah.). And still today they are able to crush bones.

“Onward to Mecca”, as said before, is still focused blindfoldly on the single rock solid stop and go riff, with huge guitar sound and shit. And I cannot really tell any weak points. This record is steeled in an armor of brutal chugs and boulder heavy chords. The music flows well and sometimes Pyrexia (more) or Dying Fetus (less) really spring to mind, and I think the vocals are the only slightly weaker spot. I think hard-core screams can be an extremely powerful weapon, if the tone is right, but these vocals seem more agony moans than pissed off spews. The recording, for the first time ever, sounds real powerful and beefy, it was really time we could hear this band with its rightful sound.

For fans of NY slam chugs blam blam metal I think this album stands well on top of your shopping list. Good shite. “It’s time to pay, it’s time to die. This is The American Fury”.

INTESTINAL DISGORGE (USA-Tx): “A Clockwork Whore Binge” Cd 2005 Sonic Death

Intestinal DisgorgeI am telling this very sincerely: I remembered Intestinal Disgorge to be way heavier than this. When I was about to put this album in the player I was expecting hugely sick sewage scatological goregrind shit noise, but sincerely this stuff didn’t turn out to be as heavy as I hoped. The sound is quite clear all the time and the guitar distortion would fit better a modern Death Metal band. Lots of riffs are balanced between crusty modern grindcore a la Bolesno Grinje and some power chords a la Internal Bleeding and harmonics and stuff of clear Brutal Death origin, but I just don’t dig this mickey mouse vocals that seem like a timid attempt at playing the grindcore noise game. Even if sometimes some sick twisted savagery emerges, Japanese are able to condense all this and more in one quarter the songs contained in this “Clockwork Whore Binge”. There are also no lyrics inside, just a short story of a guy killing girls and masturbating on the strangled cadavers. And the cover is a very cheap piece of computer graphics, which to me suit a goregrind/noise release as well as a photo of a field of red flowers. No really, there is some deviation in here but it seriously need an extra dose of filth, if it was on vinyl, i would rub it on a dirty floor to add some craclking and dirt to this sound. Go back to the Rectal Sludge era, it was much better. Do not misunderstand me, this is not wimpy stuff, but it’s just they turned all the attention to noisy side leaks instead of making the whole songs a work of noise.