SPLATTER WHORE (USA-Mo): “Kaviar Die-Hards” Cd 2007 Rotten Roll

Splatter WhoreHere we got Splatter Whore hailing from Saint Louis, Missouri Edwardsville, Illinois just like old crusties bogging my dirties memories like Anacrusis and Psycopath (besides, what the fuck happened to those bands?). To be told in advance, the tracks recorded on this album are well over one year old now, precisely recorded last summer. In any case the band has not been idle all this time, they seem to have an upcoming 7″ out soon on Rotter Roll records.

Basically we’re talking about porn grind here. You got the chick with dirty panties on the cover and all the lyrics about gang bangs and caviar and all the package. But to call Splatter Whore a canonical Porno-gore band would be honestly unfair. Punk and Stoner Rock seems to have filtered quite prominently in the new goregrind scenario, who knows, maybe it was Dead or some othe German band that had roots in the eighties – but surely punk is here, evident in Splatter Whore‘s cantankerous strink cuddling. All this just to forewarn you that the guitarwork on this album is far from routine sloppy power chugging – you got a real metal/rock twist on the album with vague influences like Bolt Thrower, Kyuss or Slayer. All aptly served with a generous dose of grunts, screams and heavily pitch-shifted gargles, that is. I admit I have come to like the band tiepidly, but I am pretty sure German and upper European listeners would go nuts for this stuff. It has that ironic twist which honestly I have come to find a bit boring on the long run (gimme serious faced Mexican splatter-goregrind anytime) but more than all, that light-hearted punkish sound which fits drinking fun parties like a glove There a re a few brief incursion into fast blasting but mostly this album is about stoner-like drones with wicked gurgles and some completely useless shouts in the background.

Once exhausted my rants on things I don’t like on this album I must also say that the songs are structured quite well, with some sort of coherence, and not just a concatenation of riffs – you know what I mean. The sound is solid, and the packaging well above average. The cover art and layout are nice, even though I need to point out that I had to draw the band’s origin from their MYSPACE fucking page because the booklet just gave information on fucking websites and email bollocks. Man, I find it annoying when a band does not print lyrics, but to even avoid to print a snal mail address – that really disappoints me.

Conclusion: decent stuff. Definitely not routine, nor a bedroom project. Not my kind of goregrind, but nice for background when drinking and fucking.

Jefferson Memorial

Edit: Just got a message from the label. Just to make me even happier, the band is not from St. Louis but from Edwardsville, IL (28 miles away). Cool. Now can you fucking put the band’s address on the fucking boooooklet????

SEMEN (mex): “Deposito de Semen” Cd 2005 Half Life

Semen - DepositoThis new Semen Cd I got from Half Life stuck me real hard. It’s a fantastic example of real goregrind the kind that seem to have disappeared in the last few years, with all that huge hedgepodge of mid paced cyber-bedroom projects. It’s really relieving to hear once more real grind shit, without super productions a la Nasum and shit like that Semen plays down to earth goregrind, and plays it with real fucking instruments and no fucking harmonizers or other shit – just plain gore porn hysteria. The riffs are not really bone crushing but the general sound is so sick and putrid that you can really go over it. The vocals are deep and gurgling, and the whole recording so dirty you can hear crackling all the time due to the poor sewage bintage recording that however manage to keep the sound full and powerful. Just like goregrind used to be you know, very early Malignant Tumour and stuff. The layout of this album doesn’t really shine, but stays in tune with the general goregrind attitude, a bunch of lesbians and cum filled cunts, and a scattering of terrible fonts butchered with tons of cheap filters. Disgusting and sincere, I really like this stuff.

SPERMSWAMP (Can): “If Abortion is a Murder, Masturbation is a Genocide” Cd 2007 Lymphatic Sexual Orgy/Sindrome

SpermswampFor those who missed this demo in 2002 (me included) here it is, the repressing by two killer labels such as Sindrome and Lymphatic Sexual Orgy. This is the first release by our pals from Canada, and the sound was quite far from that of their latest CBT worshipping bonecrushing goregrind.

On the graphic side, this Cd is quite appealing, despite the extremely glossy paper (it’s so slick it seems oily… but that might be to simulate the texture of sperm eh eh). At last a goregrind release done with some taste (if we can call it that), the concept of cumshots flooding recently dead feti is nicely gross and well, that’s the right thing for goregrind.

Musically this is not extremely advanced. Seems like more influenced by KOTS and SMES, with a lot of ’80s coin-op style looops and super-distorted vocals. I like the fact it’s so raw and bluntly unprofessional, and also a little bit the humorous keyboard twists, but in general their latest stuff is much more appealing. This is extremely computer oriented music, with almost no feel of guitars and a very synthetic-sounding drum base, not to mention really fucked up vocals and a score of samples like buzzsaws and screams. But in general this shit works, and it’s much better than most cyber goregrind I have heard recently. Good shit, overally speaking.