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WARPATH (fin): “Thorns Pest Blood” split Cd with VUOHIVASARA (fin) 2007 Iron, Blood & Death

VUOHIVASARAAlmost the other side of Finland stands the town of Mikkeli, where this band comes from. There are quite a few differences from Vuohivasara, as their music is much more influences by Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, and definitely slower and slightly more minimalistic tempos. I personally like this kind of retro Black Metal even less than the one proposed by the other band. Mid tempo rock’n’roll riffs just make my knees drop water. I have appreciated the crispy, crackling, filtered sound of the vocals and the sick sound of the recording, yet this band just leaves me quite indifferent. Most of this record is slow ballads instead of straight in your face hate for god. Time to shrug away some clichés if you ask me.

WHORE EVIL (Mex): “Pure Fucking Whores” split Cd with PUTRID WHORE (Ita) 2007 Rotting Abortion

putridwhore-whoreevil.jpgWhore Evil is a bit more awkward and less advanced than Putrid Whore, their sound extremely raw and noisy and the vocals mostly gragling vibes. But I like them indeed, they are more purely grind than their partners in crime, with no coherent structure in the song, they sound like they want only to make noise, gurgrle in a mic, and hammer their instruments, which sounds fine. Listening to the riffs with care, they’re really simple, to the point of stupidity, and some are really just aimless chug chug, but in general they sound like fun to hear in the late night aftermath of a show. Not sublime, but more than decent. The humour is blunt and cheap on this part too, but not as demented as with Putrid Whore, thanksfully. No cartoons and stuff.